The Formula Athletics Experience


The Formula Sweat class is a heart-pumping, high-intensity training class focused on stamina, burning fat, building lean muscle and making you sweat! Formula incorporates a dynamic warm up and functional strength training, with the primary focus on cardio. Putting a new spin on high intensity training, this class is focused on training for life and longevity and will work the most important muscle in your body - your heart. Endurance-focused classes at Formula will have your blood pumping and heart racing, pushing you through to new limits you didn't know existed.


The Formula Strength is full body strength and conditioning class that will leave you feeling stronger and toned. Incorporating a dynamic warm up and functional cardio with the primary focus on building strength, muscle definition. This class is designed for individuals that want a well-balanced workout centered on building strength. Throughout class, you will go through different blocks of work, challenging your strength and conditioning. Weight-based exercises provide the resistance training that builds lean muscle, burns fat and sculpts the body, no matter what fitness level you are at.

Become stronger than you ever imagined. Become more than everything you were in the past. Building strength at Formula is challenging and exciting. Prove to yourself that yes, you can.


The Formula Stretch class is the perfect way to round out anyone's workout regimen. The primary focus will be on recovery, mobility, strengthening and balancing the human body. Every single joint in your body needs care and attention. Semi-static stretching exercises lengthen and repair muscle fiber, stabilize the heart, increase range of motion, cool the body and ease your mind. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.


We will be meeting at Formula or a local track depending on the workout. The Run Coach will explain the workout, along with the distance options and modifications. For track workouts, we will focus on speed and agility. For long distance runs, we will focus on endurance and run around the beautiful city of Vancouver.


For those looking to track their progress and get that one on one personalized program. We offer a variety of fitness assessments, measurements, and personal training to keep you on the right track. We will identify your strengths, areas of improvement and will benchmark your current fitness level so we can design a personalized program to achieve your desired outcome.


We have certified nutritionists we work with who can help you with achieving your health goals. They will build a specialized program specifically for you based on what you're trying to achieve.